Rachel (lemonpunch) wrote,

leverageland - challenge 1 stuff

Um, look away, nothing to see here :)

Promo banner thingey - 3.5 hours (I kid you not. I'm a little embarrassed by that actually).

TV poster promo thingey - 1.5 hours

1x01 The Nigerian Job picspam - 1.5 hours

4x18 The Last Dam Job picspam 1.5 hours

Cast square 2.25 hours (including icons)

And icons from the above ...

Total time: 3.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.25 hours = 10.25 hours
Wow, these should be so much better considering the time spent. I guess what you don't see is the multiple variations/edits upon edits etc and all the image searching time. That makes it look less sad, right?
Tags: icons, icons: tv - leverage, leverageland
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