Rachel (lemonpunch) wrote,

iconfest (CLOSED)

And we finally come to a close - two weeks of icon madness. I had a fantastic time and only wish I was able to have filled more prompts. Thank you to everyone of you that were able to take part, make prompts, filled prompts, offered support and warm wishes, you all rock!

I've gathered all the icons made and you'll find them in the following 7 posts (easy, handy navigation guide below). All icons are shareable, please just credit the maker if you'd like to use one. Comments are also much appreciated.

Oh, and feel free to pimp the completed icon posts on your journals - the pretty deserves to be shared :)

In the incredibly likely scenario that I've messed up the links somewhere, please let me know and I'll fix whatever I did wrong. If you'd like to be credited differently or would like your icons removed from the list, just let me know.

Also, if you have any general comments about the fest or have suggestions for next time (god help me, there probably will be a next time!) just drop a comment here - I'd love to hear from you :)

Iconfest links: [ rules/about ] [ promotions ] [ f.a.q.s ] [ the PROMPT page ]
Filled prompts: [ 001-163 ] [ 164-370 ] [ 371-516 ] [ 517-657 ] [ 658-834 ] [ 835-967 ] [ 968-1070 ]
Tags: iconfest, iconfest: 2010
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