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99 icons and iconfest poll

So, as promised, here are more icons made from tumblr stuff. Nothing fancy.

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Usual rules, bla bla bla, credit if you want to use, don't hotlink. The post will be f!locked in a few days. Feel free to friend if you want.

And, for those interested in another round @ ic0nfest, please fill out the following poll, or drop a comment below. The 'weeks' are approximate, and the round will be about 2 weeks long.
This poll is closed.

next icon fest should be ...

3rd week of April
4th week of April
1st week of May
2nd week of May
3rd week of May
4th week of May
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belated birthday thanks and tidings ;)

Okay, so we all know I suck, but I didn't actually intend for it to be this long between updates.

For those who've been in touch, or follow me on tumblr (which has eaten my sould, btw), there's just been a multitude of things conspiring against LJ-time (the death of my grandfather, my birthday holiday, sucky sucky work, the death of my grandmother - different sides of the family - and then just the fact that my computer hates LJ, steals my messages, and takes forever to load), and I haven't forgotten you guys, or that this place exists, even if it looks that way sometimes.

Anyway, thank you so much to those who sent birthday wishes and v-gifts, even if I didn't reply (or haven't replied yet), it means a lot. And I know it's been ages, but is anyone interested in another round at ic0nfest - maybe starting in a few weeks? Drop me a comment if yes/no/preferred other date.

the latest tumblr'y things, they don't translate that well to icons
(and I'm woefully out of practice at those)
but I wanted to give you something for sticking with me

Off to reply to comments now - I pinky swear that it will not be this long between updates again ;(
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omg - can i say how much i suck?

It feels like it's been ages since I've been around (and i really don't want to check the date of my last post to confirm this) so I'm going to pretend it's not. Am going through my inbox now and clearing that, also working on the crappiest bunch of icons yet produced! (yay?).

Also ...

Come join in the fun at leverageland - I'm in team grifter if you want in with the best team *g*. Info/etc/etc can be found HERE".
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a post - a heads up - a merry christmas - and possibly a happy new year!

Okay - first off, thank you for my virtual gifts everyone! *squishes*. And I had a lovely Christmas - that went on for 3 days as is per usual in my family. Back to work tomorrow, but it was nice to relax and spend time with the family. And did I mention the presents? *sigh* I love Christmas!

Anyway, everyone has made some truly fantastic icons for the secret santa post. Hopefully everybody who signed up got something - let me know if you didn't and we'll work something out.

So - I've been thinking about this a lot lately and kind of wanted your thoughts on it. My free time has become just slightly more than non-existant and I'm planning (so we'll see how that goes) to restrict my time online in 2012. What that means? I'll be keeping this journal, probably one land comm (most likely leverageland because I do so love those guys), and my tumblr. So I'll likely be stepping down as mod of merlinlims and closing iconpunch - I won't delete it, I just won't update it anymore. All future icon posts etc will be made at this journal. Sorry about all this guys, but I figure if I streamline things, I'm more likely to keep up with it than disappear completely, which has to be good, right?

... and now I'm off to respond to comments. Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed the palooza. Until this time next year when we get to do it all over again ;)
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i has a tumblr

Okay, I don't really know how it works yet, and I blame sallyna_smile, but I now have a tumbler which is here: (yeah, I know, someone had already taken lemonpunch - *sad face*). It's not pretty or anything - will sit down in a few days and work out layout etc, but it's up!

Anyway, I'll mostly use it for reblogging, but I also want to do some larger graphics which will be posted there - icons and everything else will continue to be posted @ iconpunch.

Anyway, feel free to follow/add/whatever they're calling it, and let me know if you have one too :) Ah, and how to use it, etc, etc.

... on an OT note, I have to go to court tomorrow and give evidence for work. Am a bit nervous about this :( And, will be closing ic0nfest in about 30 or so mins.
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I have a new computer! It's a very shiny, all-in-one unit (a massive 23" and is touchscreen for reasons that I don't understand, but like touching nonetheless). Also, after much crying, and the almost complete destruction of my old computer, I managed to remove the hard drive (seriously, do they glue them in there?), temporarily plugged it up to my dad's computer and then with some nifty Linux-ninja stuff managed to retrieve all my files.

All is right with the world! And did I mention shiny new computer? Yay!

So, I should have the christmas card palooza post up later today as well as the straight offer auction post, so look out for that :) Also, check out talipuu's newest batch here :)
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heads up

My PC has broken down and is refusing to boot up. I have some hopes it may be salvageable but I won't get a chance to really look into it until my shift finishes on Tuesday. So, unfortunately, I'm stuck on my laptop for now - so no graphics, and no iconfest updates since all my files are on my PC :(

I still have internet so will be around (just hiding, and crying in the corner), but there won't be anything major until it's fixed.

*fingers crossed I can work some magic on Tuesday*